Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gail Watches Agents of SHIELD | S01E01 -- "Pilot"

Captain America has well and truly fucked me up.

I'm watching the show and all I can think of is "Are they HYDRA?" A blonde extra in the back looks slightly shifty, they must be HYDRA. The Doctor guy and Hill aren't telling Coulson anything, they must be HYDRA! Even though Hill was on Fury's side throughout TWS. She could be a double agent and that makes me freak out.

And also, because of that, I can't seem to enjoy any scenes with Ward in them. It's like his slimyness just oozes into the entire scene. I'm not really sure why it seems different than me watching Hannibal. It's just eugh! *shudders*

I'm beginning to see bits and pieces of various bits I've seen on tumblr.

I can't stand Sky's (Skye?) voice at the moment. I'm listening to her voiceover at the beginning and it just seems so forced. Like they were telling her to be Cecil from Night Vale (I'm only on ep 15. I'm a bad fan). Also, "Rising Tide" makes me think of krakens which leads back to HYDRA. Is she HYDRA? Am I HYDRA?

I am loving Ming-Na Wen's character, though I am not sure if it is a holdover from Camille Wray in SGU. I don't know. Stargate was the first SciFi show that I got into on my own, and not by my family and Wray was my favorite character from it.

I'm hoping Cobie Smolders get promoted to a series regular, but also I'm not hoping, but I am... It's complicated. My current idea for where the MCU is headed is towards Civil War, cause that would be awesome. Director Hill was a big part of that. But then I remember that SHIELD is gone now. I just don't want my brOTP/OTP to be fighting. But I also do, because that would be freaking epic.

And Sebatian Stan has a NINE movie contract, so it could theoretically happen and Captain America: Nomad would make an excellent movie title...

Can you tell I am conflicted?